About since 2003 was started in 2003 by Bobby Gorman in Sherwood Park, Alberta. It officially launched on October 1st, 2003 and has been dedicated to the delivery punk news, reviews, interviews, commentary, and support for nearly two decades.

Like many punk rock endeavors, the site had humbled beginnings that started in his parents’ house. He was, after all, just starting grade ten and didn’t have much other choice in the matter. Two years before that, he slowly began teaching himself HTML and coding through a lovely little website called Neopets (yes, that Neopets). With a basic understanding of the new language, Bobby decided to take a stab at creating a website from scratch and launched a Blink 182 fan site.

Teaming up with a few other Blink 182 fan site curators, they launched to cover more than just Blink and dive further into the wide world of punk. A year later, Bobby broke off by himself and began work on Taking what little technical knowledge he had at the time, he coded and designed the first several looks of the site himself. It was sloppy, it was DIY, it the slow growth of the internet explosion into public consciousness. And, throughout it all, he was still just going through High School and University.

It was a driving force for those years, opening doors and creating opportunities that would become staples in his life.  It was like being in Almost Famous but without the sex, drugs, and wild parties.

The site ebbed and flowed with popularity, just as the genre itself did in that time. More and more writers came on board – both on a local, national, and international scale. The website now has had contributors from across Canada, the United States and Europe and has become one of the premiere websites for punk news.

The site was never meant to make it big. There was no monetary dreams or visions of doing this as a career. Instead, it was made, like the best of punk, simply for the love of music. Multiple writers, photographers and contributors have come and gone over the years that it’s too many to name. But every single one had one thing in common: they loved punk and they loved music.

The spirit and enthusiasm that punk and the scene create is unlike anything else in the world. It’s why a silly little website such as this can last (as of this writing) almost 18 years. People volunteer their time to write about and cover the music they discover and want other people to hear. There’s no big plan, no end goal – we’re just moving at the beat of our own drum and seeing what happens. was never supposed to last eighteen years. It was an idea born out of boredom in the bedroom of a suburban punk rock fan; and yet – it’s still out there. We’ve conducted hundreds of interviews, done thousands of reviews, posted countless news stories surrounding punk and all it’s many, many off shoots. Pretty good for some high school kid’s far-fetched idea.

No one knows what the future holds, but all of us here at hope to be along for the ride.

Bringing A Fork To A Gun Fight

In 2010, Facebook’s “Pages” began becoming more and more prevalent to the way of life on the internet. Like so many others, also attempted to navigate the social media empire and started a page on the website.  Back then, Facebook offered Page owners much more flexibility and wasn’t charging for your content to show up in someone’s news feed. It was used the way it was meant to be, and fans got updates as they happened. Furthermore, Facebook allowed people to be much more creative with their pages, allowing creators to design and add new functions to their pages unique to them.

In an effort to recruit more “fans” on Facebook, teamed up with six record labels (Paper + Plastick Records, Warbird Entertainment, Union Label Group, No Idea Records, Sailor’s Grave Records and Kind of Like Records) and several independent bands to release a thirty-five track digital compilation called It’s Like Bringing A Fork to a Gunfight. It was a free download that anyone could access if they “liked” us on Facebook.

The album featured bands from four different countries across two continents. It showcased some fantastic local bands from Edmonton alongside some of the brightest up and comers in the punk scene at the time. The extremely talented Keith Rosson – who was a contributor on the website at the time and has since gone on to write and publish four fantastic novels through Meerkat Press – did up the artwork and the songs were carefully selected to create a flow for the listener. After growing up on various compilation albums, putting one together was a massive highlight for Bobby Gorman and we hope to someday put together more.

Released in November of 2010, the album can still be downloaded here and you may as well still like us on Facebook because that was part of the intention of the album.

It's Like Bringing A Fork To A Gunfight


Over the course of nearly two decades of work, has had its fair share of adventures including sponsoring The Fest 9 in 2010, covering the opening days of The Vans Warped Tour in 2010 as part of a Canadian contingent of press representatives and doing press coverage for the 2004 Juno Awards in Edmonton. It was always a highlight being recognized as “those young guys” at all the Juno press events, I don’t think they were accustomed to seeing 17 year-olds at those type of things. In 2012, Bobby Gorman was then invited to be a Juno Awards judge and helped select the Rock Album of The Year.

Their interview in 2003 with Travis Barker of Blink 182 was quoted in the Blink 182 – The Band, The Breakdown & The Return published in 2010. And, to their great enjoyment, an interview with Mike Ness of Social Distortion from 2007 was published in a German Textbook where high school students were treated to an extremely difficult essay question based on Ness’ responses.


Over the years, has had more contributors than we can count. Our current contributors include:

  • Bobby Gorman – Founder –
  • AJ Phink (AKA Phinky) – Head Contributing Editor –
  • Cole Faulkner – Contributing Editor –
  • Steven Farkas – Contributing Editor –
  • Adam Pytro – Writer
  • Mark Cartwright – Writer and Photographer
  • Gary Hough – Writer and Photographer
  • Steve White – Writer and Photographer
  • Peter  Hough – Writer
  • Dean Unsworth – Photographer
  • Nick Dudar – Photographer

We’re always looking to broaden our reach – so if you’re interested in joining the team please email us at!