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Streetpunk band “Beans” has always released their albums through Western European label I-Scream Records. But in 2006 the band turned east, releasing “Sundown” through Russian label “Space Rebel Records.” With the label’s practically non-existent distribution, the band left those outside of Russia puzzled as to how to obtain their new album. Thankfully, a few months ago the band suddenly announced that they would internationally release “Sundown” through their website… as a free download.

Heavily influenced by bands like “Operation Ivy,” “Rancid,” and “The Clash,” “Beans” produces fast, upbeat political punk-rock, admirably melding gruff streetpunk vocals with traces of ska guitar. With “Sundown” the band refines their song writing and musicianship without sacrificing streetpunk’s raw energy. In undoubtedly their most polished song ever written, “Radio Silence,” the band opens the album with a monstrous introduction. In only twenty seconds the band’s two lead guitarists build up layers upon layers of instrumentation while a thunderous bass and some particularly well placed drum solos launch into an all out musical assault. “Sundown” is easily Beans’ strongest album to date.

But don’t take my word for it, if you enjoy streetpunk, head over to the band’s myspace ( and get the record for yourself.”

Beans – Sundown (2007) 128 KB/s

11. Set Sail
The album can be found at, and their other 3 albums (and one split) can be found at the following links, also hosted on the band’s personal servers: