Stamp Collective – The Twenty-Four Hour Album

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There’s a gimmick for appreciating this album, and that is recognizing that it was written and recorded in 24 hours! The band’s description does the most justice, so I’ll do a simple little copy and paste! For fans of The Andrew Jackson Jihad for sure!

The Explanation!
10 friends get together at around 1:00 PM. At exactly 2:00 PM, they begin writing and recording an album. By 2:00 PM the next day, they are finished. Listen to the sheer talent and energy that went into each track! Feel the exhaustion and the pride! Taste the bacon, smores, and pancakes in the spirit of each song! Let the music rush into your ears, through your veins, and then let it sit there and get really tired, when it starts making up words and laughing at anything.

Stamp Collective The Twenty-Four Hour Album

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