Death Cult Electric

Death Cult Electric - Steffan Pringle

  • 23rd April 2021
  • via email
  • Phinky
  • Black Maraca Records

Death Cult Electric are a Welsh Supergroup featuring ex-Estrons member and renonwned producer Steffan Pringle as lead singer. The band are planning three releases this summer with the upcoming single, The Fineprint, being the first phase in their plans for world domination. The track will be released via Black Maraca Records on the 27th April and will be accompanied by a video about a businessman who lost his soul, one that feels like a trailer for a 90’s horror movie merged with an 80’s music video.

The Fineprint is a big leap forward for the band, an opening salvo from a trio of new releases, each with their own unique point of view. Death Cult Electric are a band that always have an opinion and never shy away from the opportunity to hold the mirror of truth, up to their own critical faces. The one thing guaranteed about the dystopian noisy rock of Death Cult Electric is that you will never feel bored with them, whilst the band are influenced by the likes of Sonic Youth and Jesus Lizard, they are a breath of fresh air… that is accompanied by the stench of nostalgia.

Death Cult Electric is a name determined by a mysterious panel pulling the lever on a cool band name generator. Their previous single Deleter was the sound of nuclear detonation distilled into digital format, yet from chaos comes reason. The Punk Site managed to catch up with Death Cult Electric frontman Steffan Pringle ahead of the release of The Fineprint and discussed the new single, the band’s plans for a post pandemic world and of course that damn virus.

Introduce yourselves to our readers please, tell us who are Death Cult Electric and what are your roles in the band? 

Steffan Pringle- Lead Vocals, Guitar, Craig Bedeem- Guitar / Backing Vocals. Trashman Shankland – Bass.  Alec Carl Rees- Drums.

Tell us about the new single, what’s the inspiration for ‘The Fineprint‘.

“Alec recorded the drums in his cave during covid, the intro having this stupid time signature, that the lesser sophisticated members still can’t work out. That was the framework for the rest of the music. The lyrics are the inner workings of a rattled yet uber-confident, mystifying personality. Mad with power and wielding cosmic levels of instability. It boasts outlandish and incomprehensible proclamations. Stupid and clever.”

Do you read the “The Fineprint?  Are you ones to look into the complexities of legal contracts and life-changing sub-clauses or are you a more spontaneous outfit?

“We don’t even read the small print. Death Cult Electric could not exist with such boundaries. That being said we are just as likely to nitpick over a song for months as we are to bash one out in 5 minutes. Whatever formula we have there’s never been much attention given to it, and the rest is handled by our lawyer. The Fine Print is the inner workings of a rattled yet uber confident, mystifying personality. Mad with power and wielding cosmic levels of instability. The fineprint boasts outlandish and incomprehensible proclamations. Their intentions are dangerous and psychotic. The pressure they seemed to be withstanding, is in reality insurmountable and something has to give. He should have read the fine print, but it looks pretty good to me…” 

We’ve been watching your progress as a band up to this point – we’ve had ‘Deleter’, She Comes Too Quick’, ‘A.I Duplicate’,  – the videos seem intense and influenced by movie director David Lynch, the Netflix series Black Mirror, and visionary David Cronenberg. What are you trying to say in your videos?

“It’s a visual representation of the music, it’s distorted and incomprehensible. As one collective piece of work split into fragments, much like an album. There is an overarching theme of a visual medium disturbing and distorting or being disturbed and distorted. In ‘She Comes Too Quick’, a shadowy onlooker observes the band who are trapped in some kind of hyperbolic chamber performing on CCTV. In ‘Deleter’, Shankland watches a television broadcasting a Dystopian news programme that subsequently breaks his mind. ‘The Fineprint’ is a transmission from an alien worker planet where the suits and the engineers dance in a chaotic bandaged ballet. “

We’re thinking you guys are into the heavier side of music, not quite noize but certainly tithe likes of Sonic Youth, Big Black and Jesus Lizard, who has influenced you?

“Pretentious answer alert! But we don’t think any band can claim the title of direct influencer on our music, except for ABBA maybe. If we named all the bands that we listened to they would not equate to what Death Cult Electric is.”

Let’s explore the band psyche a bit more so, If Death Cult Electric were a world leader or superhero who would you be?

“Greta Thunberg but dressed as an evil bond villain instead, we’re trying to make the world a better place but millions of people aren’t listening.” 

If you had to have a band night in, who would you have that night in with, COVID restrictions allowing?

 “Who’s that guy with the magic money tree? If they exist I want them in my house, in my cupboard”

We can all agree that recent times have been challenging for the music industry, what impact did the pandemic have on your plans for World domination?

Both. If disrupted the momentum of the ‘Deleter’ single release (which can’t be a coincidence!) but gave us time to reassess and cross the i’s and lower case J’s on a more elaborate Death Plan which will unfold in the coming months. Our 2nd album is pretty much finished now.

You’re a record producer yourself, having worked with the likes of Himalayas and Adwaith, so is overall control important to you and the band, is that critical to the Death Cult Electric experience, that you can have complete control of your sound?

“We are not in control of our sound, every riff and business decision is meticulously dictated by someone else who’s not in the band, like a true manufactured outfit….takes a lot of the stress away.”

The Fineprint video is coming soon, tell us more about the inspirations for the visuals

“Mirrors are the only thing I find remotely inspiring”

What’s next after the release of The Fineprint? Are you planning a lengthy hiatus in your Cold War bunker outside Cardiff, or are you gonna be busy this spring and summer?

“We’re going to release a new song every 8 weeks until our album is out, and then we will repeat the process if we’re still here.” 

Death Cult Electric‘s website is here and the band can be found on Bandcamp, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter