Foxhound - Ray Bowers

  • January 2022
  • Online
  • Phinky

Sometimes, we need exuberance. Sometimes, we need the urgent pleas of big guitars. Sometimes, we need a band like Foxhound to bring past versions of ourselves to meet the present ones. On their latest EP, That Sinking Feeling, Foxhound mix memory with modern sound for an honest, urgent five-song collection. The band formed in Phoenix, AZ in 2016 with the trio of Abel Magaña (guitar/backing vocals), Frank Rak (drums), and Ray Bowers (guitar/vocals) with bass player Bill Ciccone joining their ranks in 2019. After taking some time off due to the pandemic, Foxhound are back with new music and a return to live shows set for early 2022. 

That Sinking Feeling combines emotional hardcore with elements of punk and math to create an EP with a lot of variety. Opener, One Car Pileup, might contain the heaviest moments in this collection of songs, with its blast beats and big riffs. Trees In The Forest begins as a pop-punk song and crescendos into moments of sublime aggression. Similarly, Shapes & Tones is another fine blend of rhythm and melody, giving us earwormy hooks alongside stacked riffs. 

The final two songs show the dynamic range of this band. Wait builds up slowly, starting as a whisper and ending as a roar. And finally, Two is a perfect closer. The songs reminds us of all the ground covered by the band on the rest of the EP, while throwing in fresh melodies and sonic palettes. It’s refreshing to hear a band that’s able to walk the tightropes between genres. Foxhound does this with aplomb, never seeming too concerned about fitting into a mold. They’re just themselves, and isn’t that how we all should be? 

“The songs on That Sinking Feeling were chosen for their wide range sonically, meant to mimic the range of emotions that a person can feel. Lyrically, the EP tells a story of hopefulness, self love, despair, loss, vulnerability, and yearning. My favorite aspect of this collection of songs is that it contains moments that every listener can connect with while maintaining a cohesive sound and direction. I hope that people can hear these songs and feel validated, inspired, and more connected to themselves.”

Check out That Sinking Feeling here and check out our exclusive interview below

How did the pandemic influence the writing and recording of these songs? 

The pandemic gave us an opportunity to slow things down and focus on the writing and recording process with more intensity. We were able to keep polishing the music until we had each part sounding exactly how we wanted without feeling pressure to get it done quickly. With all the time spent at home, writing was given lots of attention.

Are you excited to bring these songs to audiences in 2022?

We are so excited to be able to perform the new music for live audiences, starting with a Phoenix show in January – our first live performance in over a year. The EP became available to stream on 12/3/21 and we have been getting a lot of love for the new tracks.

Do you have a collective favorite song on the EP? 

Of course we love all the songs, but if we had to choose: Abel and Bill like Trees in the Forest the best because it maintains high energy throughout, which is really fun to perform. Frank’s favorite song is One Car Pileup because it has drastic changes in mood and doesn’t follow a traditional song structure. I (Ray) feel really connected to the song Two for its lyrical content and powerful outro, the 3:45 mark with two vocal parts overlapping.

Are the lyrics tied together thematically? 

The EP isn’t really a full fledged concept album, but we eventually ordered the songs in a way that could tell a somewhat linear story. A lot of Foxhound’s lyrics deal with introspective ideas around mental health, relationships (hardly ever romantic ones), and looking for positivity in situations that can feel hopeless. That Sinking Feeling starts with One Car Pileup – a song about admitting your faults and wanting to be a better person. ‘Trees in the Forest’ and ‘Shapes and Tones’ explore the difficulty in putting yourself out there and seeking validation, and what it’s like to feel overlooked and alone while trying to grow. The EP ends with ‘Wait’ – a song about losing someone but never losing your connection to or faith in that person, and finally ‘Two’, which deals with losing control and coming to terms with personal growth being a never ending journey.

What can fans expect in 2022?

 We plan to write and release singles regularly through 2022 while bringing the music from That Sinking Feeling to live shows. This band means a lot to the four of us and we are going to continue to push our music in new directions and bring our absolute best.

Photography courtesy of Chelsey Herrera