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Scott Reynolds - ALL / The Pavers

  • 14th August 2022
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  • Matt Horowitz
  • Thousand Islands Records / Lockjaw Records

New York-based artist Scott Reynolds has become something of a legend amongst underground Punk/Hardcore die-hards. Reynolds is widely known and beloved for his grizzled tone, acrobatic-like vocal abilities, and short time spent with Descendents‘ off-shoot ALL from 1989-93. Scott “Ratchet” Reynolds has intermittently performed and/or recorded with the likes of The Bonesaw Romance, Fastgato, Goodbye Harry, The Pavers, Scott Reynolds & The Steaming Beast, Three Car Pile-up, TonyALL, and, most recently, cover band Wuttin Tarnation with members of Just Like Them & Fuzzy Dustmite. For his latest solo effort, Chihuahua In Buffalo, worked with his former ALL bandmate Bill Stevenson, who produced and engineered the album, along with Andrew Berlin & Jason Livermore, at his own studio, The Blasting Room. It’s the first time Reynolds & Stevenson have worked together on an album since Fastgato‘s widely unreleased 2003 album, Feral, with Greg Ginn & Dale Nixon. Scott ReynoldsChihuahua In Buffalo is now available on Nonexistant Records. It has very recently been re-released through Thousand Islands Records and Lockjaw Records and is now available on Coke bottle clear, splatters, and blob vinyl variants. Check out my latest interview with Scott Reynolds down below and let him know, if you want him to play an intimate show in your living room.

1. What can you tell us about the origins of the content housed on Chihuahua In Buffalo

“It’s just me and my $300 nylon string guitar playing tunes; some from old records, some brand new. It’s mellow. I really like the way it came out.”

2. How did it feel working with your one-time ALL bandmate Bill Stevenson (Descendents) on Chihuahua In Buffalo at The Blasting Room in Fort Collins, Colorado?

“We had a Blast (no pun intended.) Bill & I always have fun hanging out. We’ve both mellowed over the years and kinda [became] the same kind of old man. So, it’s always a good hang.”

3. How did you end up getting together with Thousand Islands Records, who are effectively re-releasing Chihuahua In Buffalo on Vinyl for the first time?

“I think I got an email from them asking if I’d be down to do vinyl. I was all about it, so we set up a video conference with Cynthia [Charpentier] & Bruno [Beaulieu]. They’re tremendous folks. We had a nice chat and made it happen.”

4. What is the intended meaning or significance behind the album title Chihuahua In Buffalo? Who is the special chihuahua in your life?

“Well, my chihuahua is named Justin Bieber (J.B. for short.) My daughter, who was 13 at the time, named him. He’s 11 now and she no longer lives with me, so naming him that was kind of a dirty trick. Anyway, the first three or four years of his life, he lived with me in Austin, Texas. The weather there is pretty optimum for an almost bald, 4-pound chihuahua; long hot summers, relatively mild winters. Then, I moved back to Western New York, where it’s fucking freezing for six months straight every year. It’s not a great place to be a tiny, thin hairless chihuahua and he has had to adapt and figure out how to make it work. I noticed that his predicament is a pretty apt metaphor for my current situation in the music world: I’m an older dude, playing Jazzy/Loungey acoustic crooner music on a nylon string guitar for the Punk Rock community. I don’t really fit and have had to adapt. I’m “a chihuahua in Buffalo,” so to speak.”

5. Would you mind describing to us a bit about the assortment of vinyl variants now available for Chihuahua In Buffalo (LP) through Thousand Islands Records?

“Thousand Islands Records has two North American variants: Coke bottle [clear] and splatters. In The UK & Europe, the Coke bottle variant is available on Lockjaw Records. A little later on, I’ll be selling my own “blob” variant at shows. They’re really cool-looking! I dig ‘em all!”

6. How do you feel about playing and performing ALL songs as part of your solo sets and corresponding live tours? How did you go about choosing which ALL song(s) to include on Chihuahua In Buffalo?

“It feels good to play those songs. I’ve never really changed the way I write music. There is literally no difference between the way I play them on my acoustic guitar and the way I show them to whatever band I’m in. So, it’s, actually, quite simple to make the transition from electric to acoustic. There are a lot of wonderful memories attached to those old songs and it’s nice to re-visit them. The only ALL song on Chihuahua [In Buffalo] is “Dot,” but I do a lot more live. I’m, actually, not sure why I picked that one. I have another record called Stupid World with a mostly electric piano version of “Cyclops” [from Allroy Saves.] Check it out on Bandcamp.”

7. We’ve seen you covering The Beatles, Descendents, The Dead Boys, The Clash, and others on your YouTube channel in recent months. Do you have any immediate plans to record and release any of these (or similar) covers?

“Nah. I do stuff like that for fun. Actually, a lot of those are pretty friggin’ old.”

8. Would you mind explaining to us which bands you’re currently part of which are still actively making, recording, and touring together?

“The Pavers are back at it. We just found a killer new practice space and are figuring out new stuff. I’m EXTREMELY happy to be playing with them again. We always have a blast when we get together.”

9. Last time we spoke, you said, “I’ve got a really cool thing in-the-works that I can’t talk about. I’ll tell everyone about it soon…” So, can you tell us about this mysterious project yet?

“Yeah, I’m working on a new record. It’s gonna be called Magic Beans & Time Machines. It’ll probably include about a dozen of my newest songs. I’m on guitar and vocals and, maybe, some piano. Bill Stevenson plays drums and a whole lot of bass. Wait ‘til you hear what he plays! You’re gonna shit. A fella named Devin Hoff plays stupidly good upright bass on a couple tunes. He’s friggin’ unbelievable. A super-cool, amazing piano guy named Matt Hubbard plays on a couple. My extremely talented friend, Jon Fridmann, does some killer horn stuff. [Michael “Olga” Algar] from The Toy Dolls does a sick guitar solo on a tune!!! I can’t even believe he’s on my record! He’s one of my favorite guitarists of all time. So excited to have him aboard! Stephen Egerton [Descendents] does one of his maniacally perfect solos, too! And I think there may be a few more guests, as well. We’ll see.  Bill & I recorded the bear’s share of it at Bill’s house in Fort Collins, [Colorado]; drums, bass, vocals and main guitars. Miles Stevenson (Bill’s son) did some engineering, too, which is VERY cool. Then, I had the other folks send us files for the other parts. It’s really coming together nicely. My songs have never sounded so cool!! Got a ways to go ‘til it’s completed, but it’ll be worth the wait. I promise! I’ll keep you posted.”

10. At the time, you also mentioned The Pavers were working on new material. How much sooner are those recordings to completion and/or wide release?

“Like I said, we’re back at it again. The Pandemic really fucked things up, but we’re getting material ready. I’ll keep you posted about that, too!”

11. What’s the current status of your Chihuahua In Buffalo: The Movie documentary/concert film you were working on with Filmage: The Story of Descendents/ALL co-director and writer Matt Riggle

“I, actually, don’t know. Haven’t spoken to him in quite a while. Matt is a very busy dude. I think he had much more time to work on it when the world was on Lockdown.  A documentary is a fuck ton of work and when you’ve got a life to live and bills to pay, passion projects kinda have to move down the priority list. I’m sure he’s picking away at it, but I have no idea how far along he is.”

12. Now that you’ve effectively released Chihuahua In Buffalo twice (twice as nice!) on Nonexistent & Thousand Islands Records, what do you have planned next?

“[I] wanna get my ass out on the road. I want to do a living room tour. Just me and my guitar in your living room (or garage or backyard or whatever.) If anyone is interested in having a show at their house, contact me at or on Facebook. Other than that, I’m just working on new shit, as always!”

You can check out a Matt Horowitz curated Spotify playlist of Scott Reynolds projects here