Simone Gabrielli (NH3)


NH3 - Simone Gabrielli

  • 19th December 2022
  • Online
  • Phinky

Twenty years on the road… and they are still in perfect shape! Italy’s ska-core band NH3 has just released Take Your Time, a brand new single to celebrate this important goal. The Punk Site has an exclusive interview with Simone Gabrielli from the band to discuss two decades of touring and what’s next for NH3.


How does it feel to say out loud, “We’ve been playing and touring for 20 years”?

“It makes us feel old! No, seriously: we are so proud of this, it was an incredible adventure.”


What have been the main events and moments that have led to the growth of the band over these 20 years?

“Every single step was significant, but we fondly remember two great shows: Punk Rock Holiday and Mighty Sounds.”

Were there dark moments, times when you thought the band would not survive? What did you do to overcome them?

“Yup, many! I think being friends before being a band helped us to stay together and grow up, not just as a band, but as human beings first of all. Passion and devotion did the rest.”


What are the strengths of each of your albums? Would you like to go over them with us?

“Each album is different from the other because each album was written at a different time in our lives. “August 30, 2002” is irreverent and light-hearted, very adolestive, “Faceless Heroes” sees us dealing with important themes and the influence of different musical genres, “Rise up” is a combat album, “Hate and Hope” is a stylistically mature album, in this album we wanted to scream our anger at the world while “Superhero” sees us grappling with our inner demons, a punk album, quite”

You released a cover of Fugazi’s “Waiting Room” featuring Chris#2 of Anti-Flag. How did this collaboration come about? Why this song?

“Thanks to a mutual friend: Sandra, from Away from Life. We were looking for a major featuring for an iconic punk/rock song. We talked about it with Sandra at one of our concerts in Stuttgart. There the idea was born. Working with Sandra and with Chris was incredible. A great professional. We chose this song because we wanted to challenge ourselves knowing we were taking a risk in revisiting a pillar of punk music. We grew up listening to it.”

The latest single, which celebrates 20 years of career, is “Take Your Time.” A track that sounds more relaxed than other songs of yours. Have you learned to take your time as a band even in playing? Or is it an intermission to dance a bit between your usual ska-core explosions?

“Both things!”

The single has an important meaning, especially for those who have been running madly for twenty years to reach the audience waiting for them under the stage. Do you think it is important in life as well as in being a band to be able to slow down and enjoy the time you have in a less frantic way?

“It is especially so now, in an age that gives no respite, that oppresses, and that gives no room for reflection.”


The new tour has been announced, there are many dates in Germany and Switzerland, territories where you have a very loyal fan base. Are there countries where you would like to play more?

“We have good memories of every countries, we have a special feelings with Germany but we hope to play more in Spain.”


What is the country you would like to play in for the first time in the next 5 years? 

“U.S.A. and Canada, for sure!”