Dragnet Reach “The Accession” On New Album

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Spoilsport Records have released Dragnet’s sophomore album, The Accession, that is available through Polaks Records in the EU and Spoilsport Records everywhere else. Following on from their first release, All Rise For…, the band are back with an eleven track barrage of razor sharp punk that hones in on the chemistry the band have been building since 2019. Accession announces Dragnet as back in a big way and ready to claim their new rank.

Accession features the synergy of Billy Gardner and Mikey Young, and the additions of new members Tom Woodruff (Checkpoint / Gonzo) and Alicia Nolan (Gutter Girls). As usual, Jack Cherry (Vintage Crop) leads the charge with extremely sharp witted vocal lines, while consistently bringing us back down to earth. The vocals fight to keep space amongst a flurry of dual guitar lines, stabbing synth licks and a heavily cemented rhythm section leading to a record that ends as quick as it came, but one things for sure, Dragnet are now here to stay.