Cold Hard Steel Reveal “My Abyss” Video

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Birmingham, AL DIY hardcore band Cold Hard Steel have released a brand new video for their recent single, My Abyss, that was filmed in and around Birmingham and features a couple of the cities venues. The band is currently recording with Shane Hopson at Workplay Studios and plan to return this Summer with a five song EP, the band will also be appearing at this year’s Furnace Fest.

When front man J.T. Anderson reached out to me about doing a hardcore video, I immediately expressed how inspired I am by Biohazard’s “Shades of Grey ”, Machine Head’s “Davidian”, and  Merauder’s “Master Killer” music videos. I told him it would be a dream to do a modern take on those style vids. He told me that that was exactly what he was looking for and that he felt the same way about Shades of Grey and Davidian. However, when I mentioned Merauder to him, I was met with an evil grin. J.T. proceeded to tell me that he was their current bass player. Confused, I said, “But Merauder is a New York City band.” He explained to me that he once toured with a band called True Life who played a short string of shows with Merauder. It was on that tour that J.T. befriended their vocalist Jorge Rosado. Sometime after the tour Jorge was looking for a new bass player. He asked J.T. if he would be interested in coming up to the city for a few practices, and the rest was history. J.T. even brought Merauder to the south for two shows earlier this year. If you pay close attention to the music video, you’ll see Jorge walking towards the camera in the background of one of the shots.” (fimmaker Ricardo Gutierrez)