Acid Snot Reveal Their “Inner Ghosts” On New Single

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Acid Snot is a Barcelona-based band known for their electrifying blend of melodic punk, alternative metal, djent riffing and catchy melodies. With an identity that channels the raw and raging energy of the underground punk scene but with a refined, technical and progressive sound, Acid Snot tackles socio-political issues and emotional dimensions with unapologetic fervor and care, using their music as a platform for change and personal emotional healing. Today Acid Snot have revealed Inner Ghosts, a genre-defying track that delves into the psyche of someone on the brink of suicide.

With a reputation for explosive live performances, heavy-sounding tunes, heartfelt choruses and an unwavering commitment to their craft, Acid Snot continues to push the boundaries of alternative rock, punk and metal, constantly exploring new horizons and intersections.