Adolescents Announce “The Rob Ritter Tapes – Live At Starwood 1980/1981” Double Album

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Punk rock pioneers Adolescents are set to release a historic double album, The Rob Ritter Tapes – Live At Starwood 1980/1981, that captures the raw energy and essence of their Blue Album line-up. This unique collection is set to drop on May 17th and serves as a 40+ year historical document that offers fans an unfiltered glimpse into the band’s early days. The album is a sonic time capsule that showcases the band’s live performances in their purest form. The recordings, sourced from an old cassette tape provided by the late Rob Ritter in 1985, exude a raw, low-fidelity charm with bum notes, flat voices and guitar tuning imperfections that capture the essence of punk rock in its formative years.


“I found this in one of my cassette tapes boxes. No one has heard these particular tapes, and they have not been released prior to this collection,” says singer Tony Reflex, reflecting on the discovery during the pandemic induced garage cleanup. The first show, recorded on December 9th 1980, at the Starwood in Hollywood, coincided with the aftermath of the deaths of Darby Crash and John Lennon. The poignant performances reflect a band navigating through a turbulent time, providing solace through their music. From unique introductions to tape cuts during long waits, the nuances of the show are preserved, including alternate lyrics for Self Destruct and No Friends before they were changed for the Blue Album recording.


The second show, recorded on March 24th 1981, also at the Starwood, showcases the band on the brink of releasing their album. With dedication to Jim Houseman, the songwriter of Democracy, and plenty of cringeworthy stage banter, this set captures Adolescents evolving sound and stage presence during a period of rapid growth. The Rob Ritter Tapes – Live At Starwood 1980/1981 is a must-have for fans of punk rock history, offering both an intimate and unpolished look into the formative years of one of the genre’s most influential bands and a sonic journey back to the streets of Hollywood in the early ’80s. Both previously unreleased live recordings will be available via Concrete Jungle Records on double CD and colored 180g double vinyl.