Aerial Salad Drop “Chances” From Upcoming “R.O.I.” Album

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Manchester trio Aerial Salad want us to know they’re as authentic as it gets. Injecting the raw chaos and violent charm from their high-energy live show straight into their recordings. Their new album, R.O.I., that is due for release this coming April 12th via Venn Records, furthers the band’s goal to make themselves known to everyone and anyone. From rave heads to indie kids, poets to rockers, punks to pop kids, Aerial Salad want to cut through every tribe and every single genre. R.O.I. is fantastical while acutely bedded in modern post-Brexit, Un-united Kingdom canon. We’re all trying to find our places in this new world, and Aerial Salad are the soundtrack. Following previous singles Big Business and Tied To Pieces Of Paper, Aerial Salad have returned with a fresh new single, Chances, that is a scathing attack on the endless submission to perfection people are faced with in modern life. 

“There are insanely unrealistic expectations on just about every aspect of life people have. This is a song about celebrating imperfections and the desire to grow through adversity and about how predatory social media can be to people that don’t feel perfect.” (guitarist and vocalist Jamie Munro)

Aerial Salad

Chances is riddled in a dark, thumping fury that perfectly communicates the frustration in the song’s lyrics with the dark, hammering intensity of the verses. Of course, Aerial Salad being Aerial Salad, it’s not long before the chorus explodes with melody, albeit in a sneering, sardonic way. Think Fugazi meets Jesus Lizard, battling it out with Oasis and High Viz. That visceral power, but with a chorus that gets you like a meat hook through the neck. The band will also heading back out on the road with Ist Ist on their Spring 2024 UK Tour next month.

Aerial Salad

Recorded lovingly in Vibe Recording Studio, Cheetham Hill in Manchester with Dean Glover, R.O.I. is an album that moves seamlessly from pulsing post-punk beats to unstoppable stadium rock anthems. The Same 24 Hours (As Beyoncé) is Britpop rallying against the fake facade of influencer culture, All Yer Dreamin’ is Mark E Smith at the Hacienda, Big Business howls at the dissatisfaction of being hostage to finance. Aerial Salad find space to explore new genres without losing the sense that this is a band born out of the hard touring, DIY punk scene, a community that continues to be and will always be close to their collective hearts.