Aerial Salad Share “Mdrn Lvn” Single Ahead Of UK Headline Tour

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Following the release of their celebrated new album, R.O.I., via Venn Records last month, Manchester, UK power trio Aerial Salad are set to take their post-Brexit music and message around the Un-united Kingdom for their biggest headline tour to date starting May 30th in Leeds. Ahead of these dates, the band are releasing their new single, Mdrn Lvn, with an accompanying video by celebrated and award winning Californian based writer and director Christopher Macken. Christopher randomly chanced upon Aerial Salad after hearing one of their tracks on a local college radio station at 8am one morning.

“If you told me that the band I randomly DM’d on Instagram would become life-long buds of mine, I wouldn’t have believed you. If you told me they were on track to becoming one of the biggest punk bands on the planet, yeah, I knew that from the get-go. Shit was obvious. Then I found myself three years later, standing in line with frontman Jamie at a trendy coffee shop in Los Feliz, watching all the LA hipsters put down their screenplays and turn their heads as Jamie told me wild tour stories in his thick accent. What was supposed to be a quick meet-up, turned into us getting absolutely cracked on cold brew and nicotine and deciding to make a music video. We were dialled in. And with only a few hours to spare, we grabbed my camera from my apartment and hit Hollywood on foot— filming in random spots, while I gave Jamie an unofficial Hollywood tour of famous shooting locations and becoming good friends in the process. It was fun and effortless, and I think that’s obvious through in the video’s simplicity. Imagine what we could do with a budget? And more cold brew?” (Christopher Macken)

Aerial Salad

“For me the real story to tell here is that Christopher heard us purely by chance, we were a 100% self-releasing band at the time. He’s now not only made this small video with us but we’re looking to work together on a TV series in the future. This is the ultimate ‘you never know who’s listening’ and the irony of me wanting to give up on music during lockdown, but this guy getting nominations for best music from a film using our tunes played at the world-famous Chinese theatre in Hollywood. It’s just unreal.” (frontman Jamie Munro)