Against Me! And Alexisonfire Start Misfits Cover Band

  • Bobby Gorman posted
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Against Me!Last Monday, I sat down with Against Me! bassist Andrew Seward to discuss the band’s new album, White Crosses.  It was a pretty interesting interview as he shared what he likes the most about the album, reminisced about watching Avail when he was in grade 10 and tried to solve some of the confusion around the multiple b-sides that the band has laying around. One area of note though is the formation of a new Misfits cover band with members of Alexisonfire:

We’re starting a Misfits cover band with Wade from Alexisonfire. It’s Tom, James, myself and Wade; and we’re going to play in Thunder Bay on our next day off opening for Alexisonfire. We’re called Horror Business. We’re great. We know three songs so far, but after today I think we’ll know five Misfits songs.

Read the full interview here.