Agnostic Front To Headline Poland’s Intertony Festival

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Agnostic Front will be the headliner of the InterTony Festival organised in support of the Music Against Racism campaign run by the Never Again Association, the festival will take place in Chojnice, Poland on 15th June. InterTony is a project based on collaboration of international youth associations which operate in twin towns in Germany, France, Poland and the Netherlands. The organisers of InterTony were inspired by Germany’s DettenRockt, a festival against racism and discrimination that has been supported many times by the Polish volunteers from Chojnice. The Festival will also host many other independent metal, punk, hardcore and rock bands including Massive Assault, Peter Ullrich, Tortured Spirit, Praïm Faya, Narbo Dacal, Super Potwor and Tyran.

Intertony Festival

“Music Against Racism is a campaign which brings together diverse music genres. Its core message fits perfectly with the main idea behind InterTony which is to establish friendships between people from different countries” (Lukasz Jakubowski of the Never Again Association