ALERT: Protagonist Stunned From Trailer Theft

  • Cole Faulkner posted
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In what must be one of the worst cases of equipment theft in recent memory, the boys in Protagonist are reporting that their entire trailer has been stolen only hours before they were set to start recording their upcoming EP with producer Stephen Egerton.

Band member Brian Forst details the band’s losses, as well as their general shock and current state of mind:

“We’re all a little scatter-brained and shocked right now so I don’t even know where to begin, but our trailer was stolen off of our van sometime between 5-7:30am this morning from a Days Inn Airport Hotel/Denny’s parking lot last night in TULSA, OKLAHOMA. The van was parked right side of our hotel room in a very well lit parking lot that the hotel shares with a Denny’s Restaurant. That lot is where the hotel asked us to park it, and the staff at the 24-hour Denny’s told us the van would be safe there as well. But we were wrong. The pin lock was somehow removed, the chains were cut, and no trace of the trailer was left behind. We drove 18 hours straight from Florida to Tulsa,OK to record with Stephen Egerton. We were supposed to start early this morning hence pulling into town yesterday evening.”

If anyone has any information, the band is requesting that they please email PROTAGONISTSTOLENGEAR@GMAIL.COM, or call Brian at (561)212-9879

For a full list and description of missing supplies, totaling over $22,000, check below.

The thief made away with all of this:

(2)  4×12 Orange Cabinets

(1)  8×10 Ampeg Bass Cabinet

-Peavey 5150 II Head (In road Case with Protagonist Screened on top and sides)

-Marshall 1984 JCM 800 (in Road Case)

-Ampeg SVT Classic Head (in Road Case)

-1981 Gibson SG (Yellowing body, Black Dadario Tuning Pegs, Paper and Plastick Skull Stikcer on Back)

-2009 Sparrow Les Paul Body Guitar (Black Paper and Plastick Skull Stikcer on Back)

-2001 Epiphone Les Paul Custom (Black with Black and Gold Tuners, Georgetown University Sticker on back)

-1973 Gibson L6S (Wood, Cracked Headstock)

-1997 Fender P Bass (Black with Beat up Black pick guard, G string tuning peg does not match others)

-Black Toolbox (Boss TU2 tuner, Boss Noise suppressor, moded Ibanez tube screamer, Korg AB/Y box, Multiple Monster Cables)

-Black and White Back Pack Chord Bag (Boss TU2 Tuner, 5 Monster Cables)

-Black and Yellow Toolbox (Stickers All over, Boss TU2 Tuner, Sans Amp Inside, Multiple Monster Cables)

(1)  C&C Custom Drums (red and black stripes)

-16×26” Kick Drums

– 8×16   Rack Tom

-16×16            Floor Tom

-8×14 Snare Drum (black and red glass glitter)

(2)  DW Boom Stands

DW Hi-Hat Stand

DW 5000 Bass Pedal

Tama Iron Cobra Bass Pedal

Pork Pie Drum Throne (Black)

-About $700 worth of band merchandise