All Out Attack To Release AA Side 7″ Single “Class War / Torchlit Life”

  • Mark Cartwright posted
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All Out Attack the gritty no holds barred political and social punk rick band from the the North East of England are set to release their double A sided 7” vinyl Class War / Torchlit Life. You can listen/download this from I WannaBe A Star Records Bandcamp page.

The two songs are the bands bread and butter sound and lyrical content, what you get with AOA is a full on assault on your ears from every corner, from a lead guitar that slices through like a melodic chain saw, a bass that reverbs through your core, drums that give no corner to hide and a vocal that spit truths at you with all the venom of someone who fully feels every word. Class War is exactly what it seems to be, “Not war, but class war” is a simple but perfectly put round up of politics under Tory rule at the moment.  Torchlit Life seems to hit home the being in that gang or not, is something that follows us all through life young and old, choices have to be made when to stand up.


The whole package is a punk rock masterclass in how to be that band that stands out, how to play punk rock, make it melodic yet not loose the angst. Watch the All Out Attacks FACEBOOK for more info on release date and visit I Wanna Be A Star Records supporting DIY music at every opportunity!

“Don’t let the grubby little opportunists get you down”