Animal Shithouse Unleash Debut EP “Who Taught You To Hate?”

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For a musical scene to flourish, it needs a central meeting point for like minded people to gather and exchange ideas. Whether it’s Vivienne Westwood and Malcolm McLaren’s Sex shop on the King’s Road for the fledgling Sex Pistols, or Black Flag’s The Church, the Hermosa Beach hub for the West Coast’s early punk rock scene, every musical movement or local scene worth its salt has a focus point. For Tunbridge Wells punk band Animal Shithouse, it’s The Forum; an independent music venue that opened in 1993, the building having previously been a public toilet. This small venue in the leafy location of Royal Tunbridge Wells in Kent has supported and given birth to a host of inspiring bands and artists and is a real community centre, with a studio and support for local bands. Animal Shithouse are one such band, yet they are unlike any other and you can catch them live at London’s New Cross Inn on December 6th.  

The quartet all met at The Forum, recorded their music there, learnt their craft on that stage, and now they are ready to share their jagged hardcore post-punk ferocity with the world. Picking up support from Lockjaw Records, Animal Shithouse have today released their debut EP, Who Taught You To Hate?. Musically, the EP exhibits a band that are fearless in their approach, first finding teenage identity in Nirvana and Rage Against The Machine etc, before seeking inspiration in the likes of Soft Play and Ladybird from their hometown, soaking up and digesting an endless array of electronic and guitar wrenching noise long the way. There are no limits here.

Lyrically, Animal Shithouse are equally unafraid, fuelling their songs with irony, humour, anger, and joy, incorporating a poetic twist to the songs. Frontman BM Martin’s unique observations bring a captivating depth to the band’s sound, inspiring the listener to dig beneath the surface noise, intrigued to find out what makes Animal Shithouse tick. The six new tracks on Who Taught You To Hate? are bound together lyrically in that they all deal with various aspects of violence, internal or external, and the many ways it can manifest itself.