Animal Shithouse Unleash New Single & Announce “Who Taught You To Hate?” EP

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Formed in Tunbridge Wells in August of 2021, the sound of Animal Shithouse is a seething, intense barrage of spikey and jagged post-punk ferocity. Having spent the last two years blowing people’s heads off with their sharp sound and intense live show, the band have now set free a further blast from their forthcoming EP with their new single, Downing A Red Stripe And Punching An Old Lady Called Penny. Culled from their forthcoming EP, Who Taught You To Hate?, that is due for release on December 1st via Lockjaw Records, their new single comes out of the traps with a stuttering, jarring guitar riff before the band pile in, screaming and wailing and unleashing every bit of pent-up frustration and energy within them.

“Red Stripe is an invitation to unadulterated, violent angst. A story of finding a scapegoat for anger and tackling one’s own incapability to cope in an ever shrinking and frustratingly changing world. As light-hearted and darkly comedic as Shithouse’s more traditional explorations with punk, paired with a genuinely wrenching mean-spiritedness.” (frontman BM Martin)