Atari Teenage Riot Vs. Apple Computers

  • Justin Vasko posted
  • News

A recently reunited Atari Teenage Riot has been butting heads with Apple Computers over their upcoming iPhone application. The free application will encompass a great deal of content sure to please any ATR fan. It will feature every song, album, and video produced by the German electro-punk band. ATR has also stated that they will continue to support their application by providing future updates of rarities, b-sides, unreleased songs, and even hinted at new recordings as they are completed. In addition, the original iteration of the application was to include a controversial audio player entitled Riotsounds Produce Riots“.

The issue with this aspect of the application is that it plays audio once used by ATR at a May Day protest in 1999. The audio in question consists of “very low sub basses, square waves, noise sounds which trigger hysteria and panic within the audience.” It is said that these sounds could cause great discomfort if played through large external speakers. To avoid the causation of actual riots, Apple Computers has delayed the release of the application until a compromise can be reached.

Those eagerly anticipating the release of the ATR application may not have long to wait, as the band is estimating it will be released within the next ten days. Whether or not “Riotsounds Produce Riots” makes it to the final version is not certain.