Atreyu Takes "Long Break"

  • Ashley N. Milholland posted
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Through their Twitter account, Atreyu front man Alex Varkatzas announced that the band will be taking a “long break” after eleven years together:

Hey all.u have asked, so here goes.atreyu is taking a long long break after 11 yrs of rocking.we arnt breaking up but….
We arnt writing recording or touring for a while.simply taking a break to recharge and focus on different parts of our lives. Much love-al
Thanks to everyone who has supported us and given us a reason to exist over the past 11yrs.We hope to see you again 1 day.Until next time-al
All of us have other projects we are excited about and urge you to check them out if you miss us too much-al

The band last released Congregation of the Damned in 2009.