Ättestor & Zero Again Team Up On Upcoming “The A-Z Of Ignorance, Indifference & Idiocy” Split EP

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The A to Z of Ignorance, Indifference & Idiocy split EP sees two of the UK’s most uncompromising underground DIY bands going head-to-head in a ferocious melee of angry punk. Hailing from the Brighton area, Ättestor smash out three irresistible bursts of rabid hardcore, whilst Bristol’s Zero Again bring a darker, heavier perspective to their two tracks. Both bands have plenty of importance to say amongst the musical carnage, and the EP comes wrapped in a beautiful folded sleeve courtesy of Welly from the renowned Artcore fanzine, making for an essential release if you like your protest music swinging for the fences.

The 7″ is spearheaded by TNSrecords, in collaboration with Dead Invoice Records (UK), DIY Kolo (Poland) and Carabrecol (Spain) and will be released on the 16th September.