Australia’s Litter Return After Eight Years With New Single “Hate Will Own You”

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After an eight year sabbatical Litter are back with a new album and it’s lead single Hate Will Own You. From the mind of singer/songwriter Matt Downey (Death Mattel / Cousin Betty) comes another ten songs with specific caveats and challenges to make it all interesting. This album is frankensteined together from files sent by collaborators all over the world, a pre-covid, covid-friendly concept with some impressive results. This one, a thumping, foot-stomping hard traveller with a cautionary message about the dangers of using hate as a means to an end. Asking – is it possible to use the proverbial sword and not live and/or die by it? Specific homage is paid to PiL’s John Lydon in the line “I’m with John, I agree ‘anger is an energy’ but hate will own you”

For AusRock aficionados, it would be hard not to draw parallels of this in The Sunnyboys‘ Love To Rule, a tune which deals with the complications of either emotional extreme directing your decision making, But Hey! This is punk rock for fucks sake! so let’s not overthink it, just play it loud. Like the entire album, this track is comprised of contributions mailed to and then arranged by producer, Jason Whalley (Frenzal Rhomb). Hate Will Own You features Sydney stalwarts Bill Gibson (The Eastern Dark), Alan Creed (Aberration), Graeme Trewin (Wifey) and Samuel L. Garcia, a member of the Litter’s current live line-up.