Authority Zero’s Jason DeVore Releases “‘Til The Voice Goes Out” Solo Album

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Jason DeVore, the charismatic frontman for long standing Arizona punk powerhouse Authority Zero, has released his fourth solo album, ‘Til The Voice Goes Out, via Double Helix Records, SBÄM Records and Caffeine Bomb Records. First inspired by the songwriting and music of Jeff Buckley, his solo work effortlessly melds rock ‘n roll, folk, punk, reggae, classical and gospel influences into a vibrant, fresh and exhilarating sound that is simultaneously daring and innovative, yet unmistakably embodies the incomparable style of Jason DeVore.

Collaborating with talents such as Bob Hoag who co-produced, co-engineered and mixed 11 of the album’s 12 tracks, Tom Lord-Alge who mixed the album’s opening track and lead single Turn It Off! and Jason Livermore who mastered the album at The Blasting Room in Fort Collins, Colorado. ‘Til The Voice Goes Out showcases a seasoned Jason DeVore who has reached new heights in both songwriting and musicianship on his latest solo release.

“So much has transpired since my last record and I have gone through a great deal within my band’s career, my personal life, and my broadened outlook on life. I quit drinking alcohol over two years ago and that has changed everything in my life for the better— physically, lyrically, mentally, you name it. I’ve truly found myself again. The unique thing about this record is that it really is a ‘healing’ record for me. Half of these songs, ‘Count Me In’ being one of them, were written while I was on tour overseas and at my very my lowest point before putting down the bottle. The other half of these songs were written upon my awakening and transition to clarity. It’s been quite a journey to say the least.” (Jason DeVore)