Awkward Since ’82 Unveil New Album “Masking Anxiety”

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Baltimore, MD singer-songwriter Awkward Since ’82 has today released his latest full length, Masking Anxiety, that combines elements of pop punk and emo and delivers a deeply personal and emotionally charged musical experience. Inspired by influential acts such as The Front Bottoms, The Menzingers and The Ataris, Awkward Since ’82 has crafted a collection of songs that delve into the depths of personal struggles, heartache, and self-discovery. The album showcases the artist’s talent for blending infectious pop punk hooks with the raw energy of emo, resulting in a sound that is uniquely his own.

The album’s production was entrusted to the acclaimed Dan Tinkler, whose expertise in mixing and mastering brings out the essence of Awkward Since ’82‘s sound, ensuring that each track resonates with its intended emotional impact. Notable contributions on Masking Anxiety include the drum tracks provided by the accomplished drummer of Locket, who infuses the album with a powerful and driving rhythm section, and The Punk Cellist, who brings a captivating classical cello element to the album’s sonic tapestry.