Bad Religion Enters Studio For 15th Studio Album

  • Bobby Gorman posted
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Bad ReligionLegendary California punk act Bad Religion has recently entered the studio to record their 15th studio album that will help mark their 30th anniversary together as a band. They are working again with producer Joe Barresi (Queens Of The Stone Age, Tool) who recorded their last album, New Maps of Hell. The record is being described as 16 songs “that are filled with deeply personal experiences, cautionary tales and a developing worldview, spanning the gauntlet from their signature high energy punk rock to a more introspective melodic sound.”

Guitarist Brett Gurewitz talked about the album saying:

“While we’re celebrating our 30th anniversary as a band this year it’s also a time when Greg and I have embarked on new creative pursuits which have informed our songwriting process. I’m a new parent again and Greg a new author having just completed his first book Anarchy Evolution.So the songs are a distillation of where we’ve been and who we are now…a natural evolution of creativity.

Being a new parent has colored my whole world. As a result I’ve written songs that at least for me, are somewhat less angsty and more introspective and vulnerable. The experience has emboldened me to take some creative risks as a songwriter that I’ve not allowed myself to take before.”

Vocalist Dr. Greg Graffin also added:

“We wouldn’t embark on this new creative endeavor, Brett wouldn’t have embarked on parenthood, I wouldn’t have embarked on writing a book, if we hadn’t reached a place in our lives where we felt the confidence that we had something to offer and that’s what these songs represent. They represent a new found confidence that things are starting to make sense to us.”