Beans On Toast Invites You To “The Golden Lion” & Announces New Album & UK Tour

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The latest Beans On Toast album, The Toothpaste And The Tube, hits hard and hits home. The cult artist takes centre stage, delivering unfiltered takes on the environment’s dire straits, the UK political landscape, the ominous rhythm of war drums and the impending AI revolution. But don’t let the weighty topics fool you, this album also delves into the lighter side of life, with reflections on parenthood, whimsical creatures and the sheer bliss of a sea dip. Its Beans On Toast cranked up to perfection, offering a dynamic blend of profound insights and pure, unadulterated enjoyment. Beans On Toast has now released the album’s lead single The Golden Lion, a paean to the magic and mythologies to be unearthed in the institution that is the Great British pub. Based on a real public house and venue of the same name in Todmorden, West Yorkshire.

“The characters in the “The Golden Lion” are real people, as is the bizarre history of the town that the song alludes to. I played a show at the pub last year and was so inspired by the town, the pub and its people that I couldn’t help but write a folk song about it. As with the town, the song is quintessentially English, mysterious and boozy.”

Beans On Toast

To celebrate the release of his new album on 1st December, Beans On Toast will be returning to Todmorden for a very special launch show at The Golden Lion itself, with the show one of 35 other dates he’ll be playing in an extensive UK tour throughout 2023 and 2024. Beans’ upcoming album is indebted to that old adage that “you can’t put toothpaste back in the tube”. Once something is said or done, it cannot be unsaid or undone. Actions have consequences. And with humanity’s impact on the planet and reflections on our fragile existence looming large throughout his latest work, it couldn’t be more apposite.

Beans On Toast

“The title of this album refers to the line “You can’t put the toothpaste back in the tube” which is a fancy pants way of saying – it is what it is, which feels right for this collection of songs. Some of them deal with problems we face as humanity, and some of them celebrate family life or the legacy of a good boozer. There are also songs about losing a loved one or the joy of swimming in the sea. It feels to me like this record covers a lot of ground and a lot of varied subject matter which is nice, kinda like an old skool Beans on Toast record.”

Beans on Toast will release The Toothpaste And The Tube on 1st December via BOT Music. Anyone who pre-orders the album will get early access to tickets for Beans’ extensive UK tour, all of which will be on general sale from Friday 8th September.