Ben Weasel Physical Altercation with Two Women at SXSW

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Ben WeaselNotorious Screeching Weasel front man, Ben Weasel, has reportedly punched two women during a Screeching Weasel set at this year’s SXSW according to the twitter accounts of many notable punk bands such as Paint It Black and The Flatliners. According to one witness, Todd Martens, a woman threw an ice cube and spat on Ben. Ben returned with an act of violence. The cops were called and Loved Ones‘ Dave Hause and Lagwagon‘s Joey Cape filled in the time slot.

The Screeching WeaselFlatliners show set to take place in San Antonio tonight has also been cancelled due to the altercation.

Footage of Ben hitting the two girls can be found below. ThePunkSite will post updates on this developing story once more details become available.

Update: The LA times have posted an article detailing the event here saying:

It’s “a carnival of schadenfreude” Weasel said of SXSW, and repeatedly said he regretted coming. Yet the contentious atmosphere turned more aggressive by show’s end, with Weasel ultimately jumping into the crowd, allegedly to confront a woman who had hit him in the face with ice.

Another woman, who security staff said was one of the venue’s owners, ran on stage to break up the fight. Weasel  was soon dragged off the stage by security. He left the venue before he could be tracked down by reporters, and has not yet returned a call requesting comment.

Update Number 2: In a pre-show interview with AUX TV, Weasel makes it quite clear how must he detests the festival.