Bif Naked’s “I, Bificus” Album Gets 25th Anniversary Reissue

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Twenty-five years ago Bill Clinton had a scandalous affair, Teletubbies invaded American TV, Viagra got the green light, Bif Naked dropped her second album, I, Bificus, and let’s not forget that BuffyThe Vampire Slayer lost her virginity to the Bif Naked song Lucky. I, Bificus features an infectious, eclectic blend of raucous power-pop hooks, emotive and raw lyricism that is coupled with an old-school punk attitude, much like Bif herself. The album catapulted Bif Naked to superstardom internationally, multiple gold records (that were followed by multiple platinum records) and set her on a course of global touring that still finds her doing year round concerts to this day. 

Bif Naked

Through it all Bif Naked remains true to her loyal fans and always gives them all of herself with every performance. What better way to celebrate the lasting power of this record, and of course Bif herself, than to release a 25th anniversary remastered edition of I, Bificus that includes three bonus tracks, Lifeline, Vampire, and I Died, as well as a new version of Lucky.