Big D And The Kids Table Announce New Album ‘Do Your Art’

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“The years went by because we were just doing other things,” chuckles Big D And The Kids Table vocalist Dave McWane. “When you’re all in your 20s and living in the same house, it’s very convenient, but when you’re older and some people live in different states, it’s more like ‘Oh, dang, let’s all get together and write a record!’”. The ska-punk staple are now ready to release their ninth studio album, their first in nearly a decade, Do Your Art. The twenty track collection of brand new songs is set for an October 22nd release, the news also marks their triumphant return to SideOneDummy Records.

The album was produced and engineered by Reel Big Fish‘s Matt Appleton. “The overall sound of DO YOUR ART is similar to a full day at the waterpark,” describes McWane. “It’s sunny, a freakin’ blast and packed with adrenaline. Some songs drop you right in, straight down, blasting forward, while other songs loop you about, spinning you around and dunk you. So put your dang suit on, smile, laugh and get wet.” Do Your Art is overflowing with enthusiasm, optimism, encouragement, and love. “There’s nothing that you can do about all of the terrible things that will happen in your life,” explains McWane. “The speeding train is coming your way and there’s no stopping it. Spend your time wisely before your whistle blows.”

Do Your Art is a reminder to make the most of life even at its lowest points and never be dissuaded from creating what you want to create. Do Your Art, and exclusive merch bundles, are now available for pre-order through SideOneDummy Records, including limited run vinyl pressings in half & half red and blue with yellow splatter and solid blue.