Blacklist Royals Charity Download

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The Blacklist RoyalsNashville, TN’s The Blacklist Royals are giving away a download of their song “Church Bells Are Ringing” and asking for donations to help raise money for the families affected by the recent Upper Big Branch Coal Mine tragedy in West Virginia. You can head over to the Paper + Plastick website to download the song and make a donation.

The band had this to say about the song and why they want to help the families:

“I wrote this song when we were in the studio recording “Semper Liberi,” so we decided to lay it down and throw it on the album as a secret track. It’s about the Sago Mine disaster that happened a few years ago in West Virginia. Thirteen people died, and to make things worse, in all the confusion the media initially reported that twelve of them had survived when really only one had made it out with his life. I based the song on the survivor’s account of what happened and on my own personal experience watching it all unfold on television.

Rob, Alex, and I all have family from West Virginia and I lived there for most of my life. In light of the tragedy at the Upper Big Branch Coal Mine, we thought we should put this song up for charity download to try and contribute to the money being raised to help aid the families of the most recent victims of an industry which has always unapologetically put profit and productivity far before the safety of their workers. Even the smallest contribution helps, and believe me, these people need all they can get.”

The band previously leaked three new songs, “California” via Reax Magazine and “American Hearts” & “Rock N Roll” on their MySpace page. All three songs come from the band’s upcoming album Semper Liberi, which will be released on vinyl and digital download May 25th via Paper + Plastick.