Blondine Release Debut Single “Leech”

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Manchester, UK ‘Riot grrrl infused techno grunge’ trio Blondine have been honing their craft over the last two years on their local circuit and have developed an unhinged, energetic and feral stage presence that is accompanied by a soundtrack that merges a unique blend of genres. Blondine are here to take up space, represent the queer community and spill their guts out, and they have now released their debut single, Leech, that is equal parts haunting, melodic, dancey and disgusting.

“Leech is about unrequited love. When you know it’ll never happen so you leech off the other persons personality traits and almost become them, in order to feel close to them. Like a parasite. It’s about how the fake scenarios and the fake relationship you have created inside your head is better than reality, so you get lost in it. Leech looks like dancing inside a dirty and packed warehouse with sludgey green lights and sweat dripping off the walls, feeling both euphoric and crying your eyes out Lyrically I am very inspired by Kristin Hersh and Stevie Nicks, the lens in which they write in tends to look quite spacey and dreamy and cryptic, and that seems to be the lens I have adopted!” (vocalist, guitarist and lyricist Evie Saunders)