Bluedive Reveal New Single “Skin Deep”

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The Santa Clarita, CA-based teen trio Bluedive continue to bring their youthful brand of emo-punk-rock with their brand new single, Skin Deep. Bluedive deliver energetic pop-punk while straddling alternative indie rock with an emo edge, to date they have self-released one EP and two singles since forming in 2020. When asked about how Bluedive formed, drummer Riff Gordon explains, “Sebastian and I first played together in our high school jazz band, it was mid-2020, and we were in the middle of months of Covid-19 stay at home orders, so when he reached out and asked if I wanted to get together and play with him and Aidan, I was all in. We were all happy to have a musical outlet, and everything clicked. We used the time to rehearse, write and record. Once things opened up, we started to play house parties and local SoCal venues. We’re all still young, and our sound is evolving with every new song. People have been so supportive, and we are really grateful”.

“Skin Deep is about feeling close to someone, beyond a physical connection. It’s about knowing that the emotional connection you share with a person is stronger than anything tangible and comes from the heart. The production on it sounds different than our previous releases because it is. My band mates and I put a lot of love into self-producing this song, and we hope listeners feel that love with every spin” (vocalist & guitarist Aidan Dixon). 

“We have a wide range of musical influences between the three of us that range from Nirvana to Blink 182, to The Smiths, to Radiohead, to Alice in Chains, to Red Hot Chili Peppers, to Green Day and Mom Jeans, and that’s just to name a few. I think the diversity in what we listen to and bands that we love is one of the things that is helping us find our sound” (bassist Sebastian Landa)

You can stream Skin Deep here