Bone Haus Share “Poltergeist Lover” Lyric Video

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Songwriting for the new EP, Confounded, began during the pandemic, shortly after the release of Bone Haus‘s self-titled debut. Whereas the debut was lyrically steered by vocalist Rain Marie toward mental health themes, the new release sees the band drawing on more direct experiences that they endured during the writing process. From haunted rehearsal spaces to toxic relationships, police brutality to esoteric eroticism, Confounded speaks from the heart and goes for the jugular, with biting commentary and profound performances wrapped up in a dark little package that is delivered with conviction. The Confounded EP will be released on the 3rd February and the band have now shared Poltergeist Lover as the first taste of Confounded.

After recording the tracks for the new album, founding guitarist Billie IX Nimbuson amicably exited the band. Band founder and bassist Andre Maldonado has switched to guitar duties and Allison Winkler (The Joyrunners / GOCK / Over My Dead Name) was added to the lineup on bass guitar. The band can’t wait to debut this fresh lineup at their upcoming release shows and at Boise’s Treefort Music Fest. Staying true to their DIY roots, recording and mixing were done by drummer Joe Black and Andre Maldonado, with production mentoring and mastering handled by Jamie Hill in Tacoma, WA. The band committed most of last year to getting the feel and tonal balance of the production exactly how they wanted it to be, without sacrificing their vision of producing a killer release that defies simple description.