Bowling For Soup’s Jaret Jay Reddick Celebrates Texas On New Solo Single “Lone Stars”

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For the interested, the Lone Star State is Texas, larger than any European country, it was even its own country between 1836 and 1845! For the curious, you should know that it is illegal to milk another person’s cow in the state. To the romantics, this is the scenery for the ‘Old West’, For Bowling For Soup‘s Jaret Ray Reddick, it is home. Following the positive reception of his 2022 debut country album, Just Woke Up, heading back into the studio to start work on the second chapter was the only natural progression for Jaret. The first taste of this that we all get to experience is the brand new single, Lone Stars.

I was excited to start writing for the second Jaret Ray Reddick album, but I couldn’t have predicted my happiness with the first song written. Back writing with Zac Maloy, who co wrote and produced Just Woke Up (my first album), he had the idea of the “lone stars” concept. The play on words is so right up my alley. Anytime I can throw in a Texas reference, I’m happy…but the fact that we managed to do it in such  a sweet song…man…lookout!

Jaret Jay Reddick

Jaret’s love of his home state is more than just words, his growing commitment to give back to the place that saw his original musical journey take root can be seen in his currently booked shows. The dates weave in and out of his global forays with the Bowling For Soup family, so if you’re a Texan (or willing to travel) get out and support the homeboy!