Brazil’s Scumbags Drop New Single “Dreadlocks In The Alley”

Scumbags is a punk rock band from Brazil founded in 2017. Relying heavily on their references, which range from classic punk like NOFX and Ramones, to bands like Green Day and Blink-182, Scumbags produce a fast and straightforward setlist that drives their show. Scumbags officially debuted their material with the release of two singles, On The Dread Street and The Kid’s Aren’t The Same, which were soon followed by their 2019 debut album, Sour Days.

Scumbags Dreadlocks In The Alley

After a break in activities due to the pandemic, the band have returned with their new single, Dreadlocks In The Alley that is now available via streaming platforms & as a name your price download through Bandcamp