Break-Ups: Confide (2004-2010)

  • Ashley N. Milholland posted
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ConfideAlternative Press is reporting that screamo act Confide have announced that they’ll part ways when they return from their tour of Japan. The band plan to play a handful of farewell shows on the West Coast. Frontman Ross Kenyon said:

“I want to let our fans know that the breakup is a positive thing and that everyone in the band is still friends without any hard feelings. We decided Confide would come to an end after our Japan tour in early October.”

A statement released on behalf of the band confirmed this:

“We want to thank fans with [farewell shows] and let them know we truly appreciate their support over the years. It’s hard to see Confide end, but we know that God has a new chapter of our lives right now. Every member of the band remains friends and the band breaking up was not due to any one person—it was a group decision.”

Confide formed in Los Angeles during 2004 and released three full-lengths including this year’sRecover, which was released by Tragic Hero Records.