Brendan Miller Drops Self-Recorded New Album Via Joey Cape’s One Week Records

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Pittsburgh, PA-based singer-songwriter Brendan Miller sent a song to Zach Quinn (Pears / Bandaid Brigade) on Instagram and Zach immediately sent it to One Week Records. The label expressed interest and Brendan started writing the album, sending him songs as they came. Given the restrictions with COVID, Brendan recorded this entire album himself from his laptop, outside in his car on his driveway, during the middle of winter 2021. The album is now available via One Week Records and the album was mastered by Joey Cape (Lagwagon / Bad Astronaut / Me First & The Gimme Gimmes)

“‘Funerals for young people were unfortunately becoming a common occurrence in my hometown during my last few months there. I thought that moving across the country might ease the blow and remove me from the obsession that I’d be next. Selfishly, it helped me but the loss continued.” (Brendan Miller)

Brendan Miller’s new album is now available via One Week Records