Brody And The Grodies Explore “Tubes Of Meat” On New Single & Video

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Are hot dogs just lips and buttholes? Brody and the Grodies want to know. “Who knows what they put into those tubes of meat?” the garage punk band asks on their latest track that’s out today on all major streaming and download platforms. Tubes of Meat is the first track off their next release which will be put out digitally and on compact disc on April 1st, it continues the tradition of sarcastic outsider trash that they previously established with songs such as Who Drank All The Beer?, Fox News Ate My Mother’s Brain and A Penis Is The Logo.

Drawing influence from Feedtime and Flipper, it sports a downright filthy guitar fuzz and primal, repetitive rhythms. The new release it precedes should be at least fifteen minutes of audio according to the band, but in a recent Bandcamp post, Brody writes, “In April we ‘plan’ to release a new album but we’re too lazy to actually write any songs so we’ve been rejecting album titles instead.” As a result, fans hope that the April 1st release date doesn’t mean what it could. In a promising development, this new single provides at least some evidence that the band actually has been working on new music.