Broken Gold Reveal Sophomore Album “Wild Eyes”

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Ian MacDougall has lived many musical lives. The Texas-native spent his twenties and thirties playing guitar in beloved Denton act the Riverboat Gamblers, was a member of Band Of Horses for five years and has toured the world with everyone from the Gamblers to being a hired gun for several notable punk rock and crust bands. However, for the past 15 years, the most distilled version of his musical vision has been Broken Gold, an act that sees him turning down the distortion and stretching out as a songwriter. The band have now released their second full length, Wild Eyes, that reveals a collection of songs that transcend categorization and showcase what a versatile and evolved musician MacDougall has become. The constant is the honesty and vulnerability in both MacDougall’s DIY ethics and approach to music, facts that are laid bare on every note of Wild Eyes.

“A lot of these songs were written when I was playing in Band Of Horses; Ben [Bridwell] and I were working on demos and when we parted ways I was like ‘Well, I have all these songs. Broken Gold was always something that I could only spend time doing when I was off from a touring job and at home—and suddenly I had a year where I could finally really focus on getting an album together after putting out a string of EPs” (Ian MacDougall)

MacDougall, who is currently based in Austin, was eventually able to solidify the new lineup for the band, which includes bassist Bobby Daniel (Alejandro Escovedo), guitarist Ben Lance (Mountain Time) and Sam Rich (Del-Vipers / Black Books) as well as producer Stuart Sikes who manned the mixing board for these sessions. The natural chemistry of the band and lack of stress-inducing deadlines are evident in the carefree nature of the recording, which showcases the members’ technical skill while still giving the songs plenty of space to breathe. Wild Eyes sees MacDougall moving forward musically as he takes a more expansive view of the experiences that brought him to this point in his life. Much of Wild Eyes is about how that dream isn’t always as glamorous as it seems, but if you look hard enough there is a beauty in the mundanity of it all.