Bruise Control Release Self Titled Single

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Bruise Control,by, uh, Bruise Control, was the first song the band wrote in their first practice. Having taken on many shapes and sizes through the band’s existence, the song lands on their debut album, Useless For Something, as a playful yet aggressive garage punk anthem, with a catchy shout-along chorus that any chaotic audience could join in with. Bruise Control encapsulates the willingness of experimentation that is a forefront of the band’s mindset, while wearing its influences proudly on its sleeve.

“This is the first song we ever wrote, the first song I ever put lyrics to, and still one of my favourites. It’s taken on so many shapes and forms since we wrote it and I guess that’s why I still like it. If it stayed in its original form it would have been binned off ages ago I reckon.” (vocalist Jim Taylor)