Burnt Tapes Return With New Single “Little Sister”

Burnt Tapes have made their long awaited return with their new single, Little Sister, that is now available via streaming platforms and as a name your price download via Bandcamp, the track also features additional vocals by Hannah Hermione Greenwood (Creeper). Burnt Tapes will also be heading to Florida for a run of tour dates later this month that culminate in an appearance at The Fest.

Burnt Tapes

“Little Sister is our first song in almost 3 years. It’s a song set to the backdrop of the 2021 COVID lockdowns and tells a very personal tale of loneliness, depression, and family. At a stage where helplessness had taken over and the end was near in my head, my little sister was there for me, took me in, and saved me in many ways. So the song is a tribute to her, to all those close to us who have been there when the days were dark, and a reminder that we don’t have to and should never suffer in silence. From the get go, we wanted to get a guest vocalist on the track to in many ways represent my sister singing alongside me. We recorded this track at the incredible Ranch Studios, where Creeper have recorded in the past and we were lucky enough that Hannah heard the song, liked it and agreed to come on board. We’re huge fans, and it’s come out better than we could have imagined, so stoked to have made it happen.” (lead vocalist and guitarst Phil L.)