Carsick Release Standalone Single “Put It Down”

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Salisbury, UK punk rockers Carsick have released a brand new standalone single, Put It Down, which is out today via Alcopop! Records. The single was recorded, mixed and mastered by Sam Winfield and Tom Millar at Studio 91, Newbury, and is another scintillating slice of indie punk from the rapidly rising young quartet.


‘Put It Down’, first and foremost, is a breakup song, both from the perspective of the person experiencing the heartbreak and the friend trying to help them through it. All of us in the band have been in both positions at one point or another and we wanted to capture the uniquely tumultuous state of mind a situation like that can put you in, especially if it’s happening to you for the first time. It’s not an accident we’re dropping it in September, either—we want this track to feel like the end of summer. If you’re going through it, this one’s for you.”