Cat SFX Announce New Single ‘Reunite’

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Cat SFX are set to return with their new single ‘Reunite‘, a riot of pent-up punk fury to blister the ears and demand your attention, the track will be released via Alan McGee‘s Creation 23 label on the 30th October. Exploding from the speakers with an assault of piercing feedback squalls and caterwaul cries, Cat SFX lead an assertive charge for social change and calls for a new world order. “This racist homophobic shit, your whitewashed bible belt critique, I’m pro-choice, you’re no choice, you plead the 5th, I use my voice…”  Cat lashes out on ‘Reunite‘; its lyrics a bile-spattered monologue that leave the powers that be with nowhere to hide. Infuriated by the poverty and inequality she saw everywhere around her one day, lead singer Cat condensed the red mist before her eyes into an elixir of straight-up punk protest.