CAT SFX Release New Single ‘Reunite’ Via Creation 23

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CAT SFX has released her brand new single ‘Reunite’ via Alan McGee‘s Creation 23 label, the track captures CAT SFX in full flow and is released alongside a striking video that was recorded at Powerhouse Studios earlier this year and directed by Barney Dick. ‘Reunite’ is a riot of pent-up punk fury that sees Cat SFX lead an assertive charge for social change and call for a new world order, infuriated by the poverty and inequality she saw everywhere around her one day, lead singer Cat condensed the red mist before her eyes into an elixir of straight-up punk protest.

You can stream and purchase ‘Reunitehere and view the video below

I wrote ‘Reunite’ because I’m just so angry and fed up of the way the poor are treated; people being homeless in 2020 while the government line their pockets, people having to use food banks, the hypocrisy of this government, rent prices being so high that it’s almost impossible to afford accommodation, while the rich buy up all the houses and leave them empty, NHS cuts….  benefit caps, while politicians claim 100k food expenses, integrated racism, homophobia, and a giant orange clown being the president of the USA.