Chaser Get “The Breaks” On New Single & Video

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Melodic SoCal punks Chaser have released The Breaks, the track was produced by Cameron Webb and is the lead single from their highly anticipated new album, Small Victories, that is due out on June 28th via SBÄM Records and Double Helix Records. The Breaks features an upbeat tempo with catchy melodies that are sure to stick with you. As the chorus reads, “Well, that’s the breaks…we’re all one mistake away,” sometimes life doesn’t go as you had planned. But when you make the best of the hand you’re dealt, it’s never too late to change your fate. Unleash your positive mental attitude with this hopeful punk rock song reminding us to keep going no matter how often we stumble. 

The album title, “Small Victories,” holds a special meaning for us that we felt compelled to share with our listeners. In life, we are continuously presented with challenges, each to our own degree. Managing our personal struggles, we tend to beat ourselves up when the outcome is not as perfect as we envisioned. Instead, let’s learn to appreciate and revel in the small wins that occur on a daily basis. They each carry weight and over time, have the potential to add up to greatness! The cover art was drawn by Sebas Theriault of Sterio Design. It depicts rough seas representing the everchanging highs and lows, and ebbs and flows of life. We’re all navigating these waters trying to weather the storm and reach stable ground. Through it all, just remember, we steer our own ship and we control our destiny. We’re not flawless, we’re only mortal, but we’re all in this together.