Chew Magna Reveal “Listless” Single & Video

Teasing their forthcoming self-titled debut album, cacophonous Manchester outfit Chew Magna, are serving up their own antidote to lifelessness in the modern age with the ironically titled new single, Listless, that comes complete with an unsettling self-made David Lynch inspired video. “Listless is mostly about wasting an abundance of potential,” guitarist and vocalist Laurie says, alluding to the track’s thundering chorus as it sharpshoots, “I’d kill for what you’ve got” to a motoring Krautrock groove. Recorded at Salford’s The White Hotel with Martin Hurley, it is a restless and incendiary re-introduction to a band who have been busy cranking up the dial on their unyielding attack of guitar squall. “For this track we melded two songs together; you can hear the jam the main part came from,” Laurie reveals. 

Listless is the first track to be unleashed, and the last to be written, from the four-piece’s upcoming debut album, the track is unrelenting in its anthemic riff, symphonic vocal, guitar and bass flirtations, crashing drums and overall wall of enduring sound. The accompanying video was created and filmed by the band in a single day, in a cleared-out spare bedroom on zero budget. Each Magna members’ eyes covered as their senses are heightened, slide projections and shadows dance across their turtlenecks and barefoot stance. “The end result is delightfully odd,” says guitarist Simon who, alongside partner Annie, took the directorial lead. “The angles are quite Lynchian, driven by us using lighting in unusual ways to enhance the confines of the small space. It was a case of setting each scene with the things we had in the house and the dance adds a surreal, claustrophobic feel to the song’s already uncanny theme.” 

A further foray into Chew Magna’s poetic and philosophical world, Listless is the first earful of the band’s eagerly-anticipated debut album that will arrive in Spring 2022, a record they say, sees them “emerging from Covid’s sleep.” An onslaught of decibel-destroying fuzz and rising tension, Chew Magna explores the angst felt of wasting one’s potential, freedom’s plight, apocalyptic cautionary tales, inverse worlds, the passing of youth, conspiracy theories and life’s countless frustrations. Listless is now available via digital platforms including Spotify & as a name your price download via Bandcamp