Coffin Pricks Long Lost “Semi-Perfect Crimes” Album Released Via Council Records

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Coffin Pricks haunted the Chicago music scene for a brief period in the early 2010’s. Initially conceived by Ryan Weinstein (Cavity / Red Eyed Legends) as a musical vehicle to collaborate with Chris Thomson (Circus Lupus / Monorchid / Skull Control / Red Eyed Legends) and Jeff Rice (Ottawa / Calvary / Daylight Robbery), they soon added Chay Lawrence (Bob Tilton / Tribute) on bass for live performances. They released one single on Stationary (Heart) Recordings in 2012, played several local shows and wrote an album’s worth of songs, many that never got properly recorded before the band’s demise. Yet the music remained. 

Coffin Pricks

And so Council Records went to work on Semi-Perfect Crimes. Repurposing the original iconic artwork by John Herndon, an album was designed by Michael Shepherd and vinyl production began at Smashed Plastic in Chicago. Council Records are now beyond pleased to release this incredible body of work by close friends of the label. Ryan continues to work under the singular Coffin Prick, and recently released the Laughing album & Energy Crisis EP. Jeff Rice can be currently found drumming for Chicago’s Consensus Madness.

“I would occasionally pester Jeff about the fate of the remaining tracks, yet they seemed destined to linger in obscurity. I began this quest with a renewed vigor in mid-2022 and it wasn’t too long before Ryan was in the studio with his friend Graeme Gibson remixing the band’s entire studio output. These recordings were then lovingly remastered by Mikey Young and found ourselves halfway to an album. To round out the LP, a live recording from Saki Records was salvaged and remastered by Collin Jordan at The Boiler Room in late 2023. It is a raw snapshot of the band at their best and contains several unrecorded songs.” (Council RecordsMatthias Weeks)