Coma Commander debut video for ‘The Untold Story Of The Kid In The Back’

  • Tom Liveyns posted
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coma commanderBelgian punk rock act Coma Commander launched a video for The Untold Story Of The Kid In The Back. The track is the first single of their up and coming split with Dutch gruff punks Harsh Realms, out onĀ April 26th through Shield Recordings.

Bram Sels (vocalist) about The Untold Story Of The Kid In The Back:

“Well, the song’s about the kid in the back, the nerd that no one pays attention to who’s secretly the funnest one of the group. In the movie Karate Kid it’s that dude who yells ‘Get him a body bag!’ during the tournament. He’s the kind of guy we’d go out for beers with, definitely not that dweeb Daniel that the movie’s about.”

Watch the video below the break.