Conditions Apply Release Debut Album “Rage & Ignorance”

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Conditions Apply began in 2019. Playing a few shows before the world shut down, the three-piece have been making up for lost time by recording a debut full-length, shooting a video and making a name for themselves as one of Montreal’s most exciting live punk bands. Melding hardcore with aspects of oi! and street-punk, adding melody and blistering guitar leads, Conditions Apply have taken different genres and created a sound all their own, one that is raw, angry and passionate.

The members started playing and touring in the early 90’s in punk bands Lumpin Proletariat and All The Answers, they continued making music throughout the 2000’s in such bands as Ballast, …And The Saga Continues, Mental Fix and Hard Charger. After putting out their video single, Bulletproof Boots, Conditions Apply have today released their debut album, Rage & Ignorance.